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0 Months To 5 Years

5 Myths About Early Reading Exposed
Janet Doman on 0 Months To 5 Years, Teaching Baby To Read
"It's only natural to have questions, and throughout our decades of working with parents and kids, we have heard parents voice out their questions and concern on nurturing their baby's full potential and teaching their baby to read before school.In this post, we'd like to help answer the common concerns that parents.... "

What About Your Baby’s First Foreign Language?
Janet Doman on Baby Development Secret
To a baby born in London tonight English is a foreign language no more or less foreign than French, Chinese or Swahili. And yet, the baby will master that first (and most important) foreign language in a few short years. How do our babies do that and how can we make an environment for the baby to enrich his language.......


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