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How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence®

PARENTS COME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential® to learn how to significantly increase the intellectual, physical, and social abilities of their children.

How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence is a comprehensive course designed to provide mothers and fathers with the essential information they need to create an enriched home environment for their children.

Parents are The Best Teachers

No one knows your child or loves your child as much as you do. You are the best and most beloved teacher your child will ever have. Babies do not arrive with instructions. Mothers and fathers need to know what to do to help their babies and how to do it. When parents understand how easy it is to teach their baby, and how important it is to the baby's well-being, the whole family becomes closer and happier.

What Parents Say

“My son is 14 months old and he is learning how to read and do math. I can't tell you how pleased I am.” Mrs. Penny Fraser, Florida “Thank you for teaching us how to allow our children to be their best.” Ms. Mary Bernick, Pennsylvania

Children Can Learn Anything

Children would rather learn than do anything else. They want to learn everything, and they want to learn right now. Mothers and fathers learn how to teach in a joyous and relaxed way.


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