5 Steps To Realizing You’re A Good Mom
Janet Doman on Baby Development Secrets, Benefits Of Early Learning

At The Institutes For The Achievement Of Human Potential , we are lucky enough to host mothers from more than 135 nations.

American mothers, English mothers, French mothers, Japanese mothers, Australian mothers, Mexican mothers, mothers from around the world.

These mothers are a testament to the fact that motherhood is identical the world over. It has become a tradition by now, a standard even, that at The Institute, mothers are regarded as living national treasures.

In fact, mothers are the most valuable commodity at the Institute. Why? Well, for the simple fact that they are the well-spring of the field of child brain development. Their words are carefully recorded and studied, their ideas are catalogued and preserved.

At The Institute, there is no greater compliment one can give a mother than to say, "She is an Italian mother."

And we give this compliment to anyone who deserves it, whether she is Japanese, American or a Mexican mother :)

Our "Italian mothers" have made overwhelming enthusiasm and profound trust in the intelligence of their children into fine art. With such enthusiasm and belief, a mother can accomplish truly amazing things. Without these elements, it's safe to say that the results are slowed considerably.

So what are "Italian mothers" all about
1. She always, always bet on her kids. She never bet against them, and won't allow anyone else to either
2. She will never hedge her bets
3. She puts all her eggs in one basket, meaning that she will never have any doubt on her children
4. An Italian mother will never sit on the fence when it comes to her kids, no matter how many friends and well-meaning professionals try to dampen her enthusiasm with well-chosen words of false despair
5. She has a profound understanding of the simple truth which some may call "blind optimism"Mother and baby

Our Italian, American, Japanese, Canadian, Spanish, French, Polish, Australian and Scottish mothers know that enthusiasm and respect for the potential their children posses are the only commodities that cost nothing to have and for which you pay dearly if you lose them.

They know that no child was ever harmed by too much love and respect.

Indeed, these are two powerful human forces that have saved an unlimited number of lives.

Our "Italian mothers" and their sisters around the world know that the leap of faith taken when they see genius in the eyes of their children is not a free fall to disaster.

This leap of faith is the spring board to discovering not only the potential of their children, but also their unique potential as mothers.

"Italian mothers" have thought us to laugh when we might have cried and to cheer when we might have given up.

For over forty years, we have been defining and redefining what it means to be a mother.

And now we have thousands of mothers who have never been to Italy and who have no idea what bravissimo even mean - but they are "Italian mother", make no mistake about it.

Thanks, Janet


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