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What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child's Course 2018

This is a 5-day course conducted by Ms Janet Doman and the staff of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. It consists of lectures, demonstrations and practice concerning child brain development with emphasis placed on the brain-injured child.

Date : 22th - 27th July 2018
Venue : The Mandarin Orchard Hotel
333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867

For more details, WhatsAppat +65-93863786.

Lecture Series 2

This year, we are conducting the Lecture Series II for past parents who have attended the course. The Lecture Series II will run concurrently with the WTD Course but only on the 23th July - 24th July 2018.  
Parents who have participated in the WTD Course can apply for the Lecture Series 2.
Below would be the detailed topics covered in the 2 days.

Lecture Series II
Mobility Growth Lectures  
  • The Medullary Reflex Mobility Program
  • The Onto-genetic Mobility Pathway
  • The Quantification of Human Mobility
    Intellectual Growth Lectures
    How To Multiply Your Child's Intelligence    
  • Part l: Heredity and Environment
  • Part 2: On Motivation
  • Part 3: Defining Intelligence
  • Part 4: Potential Intelligence
  • Part 5: The Brain/Computer Analogy
  • Part 6: Teaching the Facts vs. the Laws
  • Part 7: How to Teach Your Child Mathematics
  • Part 8: How to Teach Bit of Intelligence Card Sets
    Physiological Growth Lectures  
  • The Importance of Oxygen to the Brain
  • Respiratory Patterning
  • Nutrition, Food, Vitamins, and Anti-stress
    Results of Treatment

    We are taking in parents from previous years'. Kindly note that only those who have already attended the WTD Course are eligible for the Lecture Series II.
    For more details, kindly call +65-90224283.

    Cost of 1 parent would be USD $790 + SGD520. For both parents, it would be USD $790.00 + SGD $1040


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