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THE BOOK that started the Gentle Revolution was How To Teach Your Baby To Read. When it first appeared it not only created quite a sensation but it helped to unleash the creativity of parents. The first thing every parent learns is that when you start to teach your baby, the baby wants more and he wants more right now. Meeting that demand has not been easy, but it has been the right problem to have because it means we are doing something right.

We began by creating reading materials to help parents get started. Then we needed Bit of Intelligence cards and Math Dot cards. Now we know that we can never really make enough teaching materials to keep up with our kids, but we keep trying.

The mission of the Glenn Doman Baby is to create, publish, and distribute the highest-quality materials and books of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.

You can be assured that you will have the very best materials for your baby, made exactly as they should be, and that everything you purchase will help to support the work of The Institutes to make a better world for all children.

If you would like to order something or just ask a question, we are here to help you promptly, cheerfully, and courteously. Our job is to save you time so that you can spend as much time as possible nose-to-nose with your kids.

You will find that you and your child are the most dynamic teaching and learning team that there is. You will learn so much from each other.


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