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The Gentle Revolution — What, Why and How

The Gen­tle Rev­o­lu­tion began qui­etly more than a half cen­tury ago. It was, and still is, the most gen­tle of all revolutions. There may be some of you read­ing who do not know what it’s all about, so let me explain:
The Gen­tle Rev­o­lu­tion pro­poses that tiny chil­dren have within them the capac­ity to learn vir­tu­ally any­thing while they are tiny and that what­ever it is that chil­dren learn with­out any con­scious effort at the age of two, three or four years of age can only be learned with greater effort, or may not be learned at all, later in life. The Gen­tle Rev­o­lu­tion aims to give every child — through the par­ents — a chance to be excel­lent while giv­ing all par­ents the knowl­edge required to make highly intel­li­gent, extremely capa­ble, and delight­ful children. In turn, this will lead towards the mak­ing of a highly humane, sane and decent world.

In 1964, Glenn Doman, pub­lished his book, “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”. Par­ents all over the world began read­ing the book and that marked the begin­nings of The Gen­tle Rev­o­lu­tion. Today, more than two mil­lion par­ents have read How to Teach Your Baby to Read in Eng­lish and over 5 mil­lion copies have been published. Scores of moth­ers have been writ­ing in to tell us of their joy in read­ing the book and their suc­cess in teach­ing their chil­dren how to read, and in doing so, expand their children’s vocabulary. More than four decades have passed since then. It is now very clear that the chil­dren who are truly bright, knowl­edge­able, capa­ble, and con­fi­dent are the nicest and kind­est children.

In fact, they are full of the char­ac­ter­is­tics for which we love children. The Gen­tle Rev­o­lu­tion is far from over. Look­ing for­ward, we aim to touch as many tiny lives as pos­si­ble by bring­ing as many moth­ers and babies closer together and help­ing them to unleash the children’s true and love of learning.

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