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For over 18 years, GD Baby's Programs (S) Pte Ltd, in partnership with The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential® (I.A.H.P.) in Philadelphia, USA, has been helping parents and their baby to achieve baby's full potential. Thousands of families are now under the GD family

GD Baby's Programs (S) Pte Ltd has been advocating the benefits of home-based early learning in babies and young children to countless numbers of families in Singapore and the region.

We remain a keen advocator that learning and absorbing information is brain function. This is because young children are spontaneous learners and can absorb information effortlessly. In fact, they find enormous pleasure in doing so.

Our Strategic Expansion

GD Baby's Programs (S) Pte Ltd is the OFFICIAL and ONLY representative of THE GENTLE REVOLUTION PRESS in Singapore; with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia.

We hold the exclusive right to sell all products from The Gentle Revolution Press. This endorsement from the Institutes of Achievement of Human Potential® (I.A.H.P) only reflects their full confidence in us.

Our strategic initiatives also reflect our determination to take up more competitive challenges towards achieving our vision of establishing regional leadership in children's early learning programs.


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